Bath & Shower

Showering is more enjoyable and cleaning your tub & shower is easier with Rinse Ace® Brand shower heads and shower head accessories.

Experience Shower & Bath products unlike any other.

Idea Factory created and patented Rinse Ace® Brand shower heads and shower accessories in the mid-90’s because the majority of households and lodging properties had fixed shower heads and didn’t want a bulky, permanent handheld shower hose hanging in the shower.

Aesthetics and functionality were combined to provide a unique solution – snap on a detachable hose only when needed!

Shower Heads

Only Rinse Ace® brand showerheads have technology to “quick-connect” a detachable hose & sprayer for ultimate convenience … to clean the shower, bathe a pet, wash a child’s hair and more. All without a permanent hose to clutter your shower!

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Baby & Toddler

Idea Factory is replacing the messy rinse cup that causes tears! Rinsing away suds easily and avoiding water in tender eyes is possible with Rinse Ace® Sink Baby Rinser or Rinse Ace® Tub & Shower Baby & Toddler Rinser.

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Bath Safety

Idea Factory is expanding its Rinse Ace® brand to now include affordable and easy to use, easy to install bath safety products. This new product line includes bathing solutions for permanent and temporary use.

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